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Professional polystyrene cutting equipment

Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! is a device for all cutting operations. Thanks to adjustable cutting wire height, depth limiters, riders and limit stops, as many as desired slabs can be manufactured with exactly the same dimensions.

Flexible in use due to the integrated rear frame bracket. The folding legs permit rapid and uncomplicated setting up of the Hot wire polystyrene cutter. Versatile cutting options due to the table and harp angle settings. An additional table board can be screwed to the right hands side of the machine. It is therefore possible to position polystyrene boards (EPS. XPS) without problems. Operation can be by means of an optional Foot switch.


High cutting accuracy, many cut possibilities, strong, fully welded construction made of steel and aluminium, powder coated, makes Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! professional foam insulation cutting system.

  • Slanted insulation cut

  • Two-step cut with miter

  • Two-step cut

  • Concave cut

  • Bevel cut

  • Diagonal cut

  • Surface cut

  • Straight cut

  • Rafter cut

Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series!



Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! equipped with the built-on slope-insulation device the one side of cutting wire of polystyrene cutter can be adjusted up to 10% independently from other side which is always stable. A perfect slope cut will be done with a few strokes of work. Very useful when build a housetop, where polystyrene foam plates should be mounted with angle cut for better insulation.

Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! - Slope-System device


Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! - Stand base and scaffold bracket

The foldable pedestal, which is a standard option of basic kit, enables quick and uncomplicated placing the machine standing. The Scaffold Bracket goes complete with Stand base foldable pedestal as one accessory, so Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! can be easily replaced on building scaffold. If there in some reason You want to use Your polystyrene cutter as a classic device, You can screw down the foldable pedestal and scaffold bracket in a few minutes.


In case of work with large polystyrene (EPS. XPS) plates, the support plate prevents the unintentional sliding of polystyrene board during cutting. The Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! in basic model already equipped with the support plate with regulation possibility 5 degree graduates. At the outer edge is a angle scale from 0 – 45°.

Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! - Right support plate


Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! - Deep limiters, scales, end stop, limit stop riders

Thanks to adjustable cutting wire height, depth limiters, riders and limit stops to scales and marks, time intensive marking of insulating boards can be dispensed with. The new end stop is fitted with a stick, which could be used either as handhold. All this standard functions adn possible optional accessories make Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! one of the best of insulation cutting systems.



Foot Switch allows you to control the Hot wire polystyrene cutter without the use of hands (“hands free” operation) and increases both comfort and safety. It is particularly useful, for example, when cutting large polystyrene foam elements, plates, blocks or thinning polystyrene blocks or cutting grooves.

Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! - Foot Switch


Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Seires! - Cutting wire

For Hot wire polystyrene cutter SPC Series! we use Nichrome – NiCr wire. We offer ready-made versions of the cutting wire with two lugs on the ends for easy and quick installation on the cutter. Cutting Wire for SPC Series! You can buy by the piece (1 pc) or in large amounts (1kit = 10pc). The cutting wire are always in stock and can be sent to the client immediately after the order confirmation.


 SPC Series!

SPC 2013

SPC 3013

Cutting length:

1040 mm 1340 mm

Cutting depth:

max. 330 mm max. 330 mm


230/37V/160VA 230/42V/200VA

Miter (strap)

adjustable 15 – 90°


26 kg 32 kg


Powder-coated sheet steel, with steel amplification


Powder-coated, fully welded,
with industrial ball bearing guides

Art. #:

HWS-ST-17012 HWS-ST-18012

Extra Wire:


Foot switch:



 Availability: 14 days   Availability: 14 days 



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