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Independent Axis Control with the “Unique” Unlimited cutting Wire Length Change

How Independent Axis Control works?

The resistant cutting wire is stretched between two trolleys. On one end it’s fixed to a tensometer constantly measuring and monitoring the wire tension and sending current info to the Hot wire CNC foam cutting machine electronic controller. On the other end, the cutting wire is spooled on a large roll fixed to a motor. The required cutting wire tension is set in the Hot wire CNC foam cutters software and then during a cut, as the trolleys move independently the tensometer constantly checks the tension, sends the signals to the machines controller which spools or unspools the cutting wire on the other end to maintain the required tension regardless of trolleys’ position. This is a far superior solution over what’s offered by our compatitors.


The first and most important difference is that the trolleys’ offset is unlimited, meaning that e.g. the front trolley can stay in the lower left position while the back trolley travels all the way to the upper right corner. Complex as the constant spooling/unspooling may sound, it’s all taken care of by our software and the machine electronic controller; all the operator has to do is to install the cutting wire (and this remained as easy as it has been so far) and set the required tension in the Hot wire CNC foam cutter software. So simple.

Basic features:

  • Available in All one-wire models.
  • Tensometer-controlled unlimited wire legth change feature (unique on the market).
  • USB support.
  • New-type ARM processor module-based electronic controllers.
  • Advanced software-based cutting wire tension regulation.
  • Material width and position calculations.
  • Simple two-color drawings support.
  • Redesigned trolleys.
  • Safe and convinient wiring tracks.
  • Will cut all kinds of taperred shapes.

To view these files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader® which can be downloaded HERE!

Hot wire CNC foam cutters - Independent Axis Control



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