Titanium Wire | Cutting wire for CNC foam cutting machines

Titanium Alloy Wire

Custom-made, highest quality cutting wire for CNC machines

Titanium Wire is a custom-made cutting wire alloy used to replace the industry standard NiCr cutting wire. Wire is developed for the more demanding customers, who want to increase possibilities of their CNC foam cutting machines and improve cutting quality. Titanium wire comes free of charge in all our multiwire MW-Series! Hot Wire CNC Foam machines as well as all pneumatically tensioned machines and is available at an additional charge for all our units 1.3 meter wide or wider.

Titanium wire - Cutting wire for Hot wire CNC foam cutting machines

Although slightly more expensive than regular NiCr wire, Titanium Alloy Wire breaks less often (on average, it lasts 5-6 times longer than NiCr wire) and is much more stretch resistant at high temperatures.

As a result, it can be used with a stronger tensioning spring or pneumatic tensioning which results in much higher cutting speeds and improved cutting quality.

We’re offering the following Titanium alloy wires (in spools):

* Minimum order quantity is 1 spool.

Wire Type

Wire diameter

Meters per spool

Titanium Alloy

0,15 mm 

app. 300 m 

Titanium Alloy

0,25 mm

app. 245 m

Titanium Alloy

0,45 mm

app. 90 m

Titanium Alloy

0,55 mm

app. 70 m

Please note Titanium Wire requires special fixing and tensioning – so if you’d like to try our wire on other manufacturers CNC machine, please make sure is it plausible and do modifications to your wire fixing and tensioning systems if it is necessary. So Your Hot wire CNC foam cutting machine will reach the full potential of this very special alloy wire.



We sell and ship cutting wire all over the world!

Our Titanium Alloy cutting wire are sold in Europe and in many countries throughout the World from USA, Brazil – to Taiwan and Australia.

Delivery times vary widely from country to country, they also depend on how effective your local postal and logistics services are. However, we have made an estimation of 2-5 working days for Europe countries (using DHL or UPS fast delivery) and 3 – 7 working days for other countries throughout the World.

Shipping costs are determined by the order’s size, weight, shipping method and delivery address. We calculate shipping price for each order individually. 

Please contact us for more information!

Our shipping partners are DPD, Omniva, Itella SmartPost, DHL, UPS.

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