Hot wire CNC foam cutters | Accessories


Upgrade Your Hot wire CNC Machine

Depending on the applications, there is a number of accessories you may want to equip Your Hot wire CNC foam machine with. The following list should give you some basic information regarding their availability and use.

Hot Wire CNC Machine
Hot Wire CNC Machine
Hot Wire CNC Machine

Availability: all our Hot wire CNC foam cutters.
Use: Serial cutting (2.5 D) of irregular symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, spheres, columns, angle cuts, etc.

Availability: All our Hot wire CNC foam cutters.
Use: Rotary cuts, all kinds of columns, threads and grooves, etc.

Availability: All our Hot wire CNC foam cutters.
Use: All kinds of grooved, chiseled, hollow and symmetrical shapes, etc.

Availability: All T-Series Hot wire CNC foam cutters.
Use: 2nd cutting wire doubling the output by producing 2 identical shapes simultaneously.

Availability: 2.5 & 3.0-meter wide CNC foam machines.
Use: Replaces the standard spring wire tensioning to obtain higher cutting speeds and quality.

Availability: 1.3-meter wide and wider Hot wire CNC 3D foam cutting machine.
Use: Replaces the standard NiCr wire to obtain much higher cutting speeds and quality.

Availability: All T-Series CNC machines.
Use: Cutting any type of tappered shapes.




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